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Poster: elhoim Date: Apr 23, 2005 4:00am
Forum: petabox Subject: Re: 18 PCI slots, 72 SATA drives per computer?

> Wow, where are you pulling these images from? > I cannot find that 48-drive 4U-drawer case on Orbit Micro's website. > Is this a custom-build case you're exploring? :) If you search for the original manufacturer of the cases that Orbit Micro is selling, you find AIC: . By searching their catalog for 5U cases, you find RMC5D2: but with no images available. So you use the good old google: and you find: > There may be enough room to pack in another bank of 36 to 48 drives behind the front bank of 48 drives in the upside-down drawer, for a theoretical max total of 144 drives in the one 8U chassis. Yeah but i think then you have issues like heat-dissipation, airflow, power (~144x16Watt from head), power connectors, etc... :) And instead of using Adaptec cards with 16ports, i would use Raidcore cards which allows OS (win/linux) to see 4 cards (and thus 32drives) as one entity. But then there are problems on having more than 4 of those cards in a system. 48 drives in 5U is just nice density... :)
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